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Yahoo Domain Names

Businesses are fooling themselves if they think they can continue to convey business without a website. This is because in today's age, having a website makes many think a company is 'official. ' But a website by itself doesn't mean anything without a decent domain name. Granted, a establishment can trial to cut costs by using a free domain name or a third level domain name offered by free web hosting companies, but visitors won't opening their site as being genuine.

Long, complicated domain names are associated with affiliate marketing or even scammers, therefrom businesses need to try and stay away from them as much as likely. The best solution involves getting a standard domain name from a reputable domain name company. One of the best domain name companies around is Yahoo Domain Names.

Yahoo Domain Names is a great alternative for individuals who do not know much about domain names or website hosting. In fact, with Yahoo Domain Names, a person duty get a domain name free should they decide to buy one of their hosting packages. The cheapest hosting package available is $11. 95 a month plus a startup fee of $25. With this along with any offbeat Yahoo Domain Name hosting package, webmasters get an online website builder. Basically, all they have to do is enter in their information and the site is created for them instantly.

Another reason unrivaled should choose Yahoo Domain Names is because of their domain name locking framework. This helps prevent hijackers from stealing the domain name. With Yahoo Domain Names, the measure of domain name locking is as simple as clicking a button. Webmasters restraint check to make sure their domain name has been locked by looking up their Whois information. If it says Status: Registrar - Lock, ( which it will since Yahoo Domain Names was used ), then they can feel assured that their domain name is safe from unauthorized individuals.

Thirdly, Yahoo Domain Names offers private domain name registration. Without private domain name registration anyone guilt find a webmaster's basic contact information. This is since ICANN has designated that webmasters have their contact network posted in a database that is accessible online. With Yahoo Domain Names, a person can use Melbourne IT's contact information as their own. Atom inquires made to the ICANN for a webmaster's personal information will simply point to Melbourne IT. This feature is prerequisite in making sure a webmaster is protected from spam email and even worse, identity theft.

Lastly, Yahoo Domain Names offers 24 / 7 technical support. Many webmasters play past the importance of tech support when managing their domain names, but it is still important, especially if one is a newbie. This is because domain names sometimes point to 404 error pages if something goes wrong. With 24 / 7 tech timber, Yahoo Domain Name users can pinpoint what is sure thing causing the problem and get it fixed immediately.

In conclusion, if a company is having trouble deciding both where they should get their web hosting and their domain name, they should consider Yahoo Domain Names. Yahoo Domain Names is affordable, offers great features and most importantly is trustworthy. Many other domain name companies may not even consummate a domain name, but Yahoo Domain Names has too much of a reputation to even suspect about doing such things.


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